Williams for Controller

Michael Williams (D) is running for Philadelphia City Controller. The Democratic Primary is May 21, 2013. Tell everyone you know to Vote for Michael Williams

Michael’s Background

Michael is a man of integrity and courage, having overcome being homeless in Philadelphia in 1978, living in the tunnels under Suburban Station and in Reading Terminal, to persevere and earn his undergraduate degree from Temple University and his law degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

Michael has dedicated his career to public service, leaving private law practice to manage Community Legal Services, the Minority Business Enterprises Council, and spending the past 6 and half years as a Senior Attorney in the City’s Law Department. Michael has run large organizations, led investigations, and fought for the people of Philadelphia at every turn.

Michael’s Vision for Philadelphia

  • Michael will be the Controller to effectively audit the City’s agencies and to work with those agencies to assure openness, compliance and accountability, so taxpayer dollars to be better utilized.
  • Michael knows the experience of the people of Philadelphia and has the clear priorities, the work ethic, and personal experience to assure that limited government resources are used to benefit, not burden, the people and businesses of this great City.
  • Michael is not a career politician and will take the politics out of the Controllers office. Michael will assure that the city and its governmental agencies are serving the people in an open, ethical, and financially efficient way.
  • Michael will work to make sure that Philadelphia is a great place to do business, with streamlined approval processes, less bureaucracy, and dedication to growth.

79 Responses to Williams for Controller

  1. Oliver Raff

    Run mikey run! Clean out our city!

    • Andrea Swan

      Michael Williams is a man of integrity who works tirelessly to help empower others. He is committed to the people of this city. His professional career has been devoted to assisting the men, women and children of Philadelphia academically, socially and economically. Run, Michael, Run!

      • Dorothy Li Calzi

        Michael is a reliable, talented and a man of vision. Philadelphia would be very lucky to have a person of his quality as Controller. Spread the word and get out the votes.

    • Ellen Lerner

      Michael Williams is a man with a lot of heart!

      • Rich Maier

        I’ve known Michael for over 22 years now and he excels at everything he does. Once elected as City Controller, this will be no exception. He has always put others ahead of himself and will do the same once in office! Go Michael Go!!!!!

    • May Stewart

      Michael is a person who puts his whole heart into anything he’s involved with and he works tirelessly to see the end result. He is person of great integrity and character and has my support for anything he chooses to commit to!

    • Bobby

      Michael Williams is the most compassionate, most intelligent, most qualified person I’ve ever met!

  2. Matt Snyder

    I support Michael in anything he does , good luck !! He is great at everything he does , so we know he would be great in office

  3. Mark Dann

    This rocks!

  4. Karen Custer

    Michael, You running for office is such a wonderful idea! Is there a such thing as an honest politician? There can be when you win!!!

    ~Karen Custer

  5. Tobias Barrington Wolff

    Run, Michael, run!

  6. Nicole and Steve

    Michael I have 100% confidence in you that you are fully qualified and fully capable to run for office!! You are talented, genuine, loyal, and have the best interest of the American people in your heart! You can do it!!

  7. donie

    go mike you well be great …… run run rock the city ………

  8. Jerry Nadeau

    I can’t vote for him in a municipal election from California, but I would gladly be a character witness, having known him for the last 46 years.Don’t think small Mike, enter the State Campaign.

  9. David Fair

    Go for it!

  10. Cassandra Georges

    Michael, You are such an inspiration. Your genuine love for this City and all the people within it gives me hope for the future. If in my lifetime, I can touch even a fraction of the lives you already have (including my own), I will have left a meaningful mark on the world. You always fight the good fight, and serving the City in yet another capacity would be no different. You are YOU – passionate, practical, meticulous, morally sound, selfless, charismatic, down to earth, brilliant, welcoming, unlike-any-other, unapologetic, understanding… in short, you are unbeatable!!! I vote yes. You SHOULD run (and you would have my vote). We need you. PLEASE GO FOR IT!!!

  11. Heshie Zinman

    You’ve got voice and heart! I look forward to hearing more.

  12. Kathy Padilla

    Michael’s character, intelligence, and vast experience and ability are informed by a heart as big as this City.

    I can think of no finer person to serve in elective office!

  13. kiran

    I wish you all the best Mike. I trust that you can make this world a better place to live.

  14. Rick M.

    Mr. Williams has not only been my mentor, but also a friend. He is one of the best people I have ever encountered, and has been a role model of mine for many years. He has my whole hearted support!

  15. David Tabby

    Beautiful job. You will dominate any contest you enter.

    • David Tabby

      Michael is one of the brightest people I know. He accomplishes anything he sets his mind to. He will rebuild the city’s financial house.

  16. John Gsmbescia

    Michael brings experience and integrity to all of his endeavors – Public Office would fit him well.

  17. Beckley

    You got my vote!!!! I think it’s about time!

  18. Michael Hinson

    Wow! This is great news for our City! Finally, a real person with real life experiences like that which most of us have endured…I will absolutely support Michael. He has been a “BIG” inspiration to me and so many others with his commitment to improving the lives of everyone in his sight and reach! He’s been there when many of us have needed him often even when its not been so good for him — so, lets be there to support him, suporting us! YES WE CAN!

  19. tedfaigle@comcast.net

    100% behind you Michael! Please consider running for all our sakes.

  20. Stacy McBride

    Michael, you have done your LA folks proud. I am so inspired by all the work you do. Even though I do not live in Philadelphia, you have my support 100 percent.

  21. David M. Maser

    Williams for Controller !!! Go get em Mike !!!

  22. Marcus Iannozzi

    Michael Williams is a person of great integrity, character, and heart. I respect him greatly and would knock on all of the doors in Philadelphia to help get him elected.

  23. Kirsten Day

    City Commissioner of Philadelphia, overseeing elections and registration should be high on your list, Michael, (Since sadly there is no Pinochle Commissioner.). Best in whatever you decide, you’ll do well and already make all of us proud!

  24. Kirsten Day

    City Commissioner, overseeing elections and voter registration seems well suited for you Michael, (sadly there is no Pinochle Commissioner.). Best in whatever you chose, I know you’ll do well and fight the right fight.

  25. michael larosa

    Michael Williams is first and foremost a person of great vision and inexhaustible spirit.

    The city of philadelphia would be ENOURMOUSLY priveleged to have an indiviual like Michael in its care and service.
    I have known Mr. Williams for over 3 years now and I can speak directly for his charater, his determination, his intelligence, and his SHEER PASSION for life.
    This is a man who embraces people and ideas from all walks of life. He holds the utmost concern and passion for the people and institutions in this great city of Philadelphia.

    He has personally been there for myself and my loved ones in some of our hardest times – and he CONTINUES to be there every step of the way. His drive and energy are simply unmatched among anyone I have ever met, period.

    I consider myself sincerely blessed to have known such a man in my lifetime. I can only hope the city of Philadelphia will likewise be exponentially blessed to have man such as Michael Williams serving in public office.

  26. Maju

    Totally support Michael. Wonderful, committed person.

  27. Veronica Barnes

    Michael- Philadelphia would be lucky to have such an inspirational, hardworking and caring person in office. You have already made a major impact on the lives of many people by giving your time and guidance. I wish you all the best and you have my support if you decide to run. I know you will make such a positive difference in the city!

  28. stanton Bizzell

    This is wonderful news for the community and also that have known Michael through the years! You have my support…hands down!!!!!

  29. Josh Barenbaum

    Time to get in the race….Philly needs you to run!!

  30. Jynea Brown

    Michael- Philadelphia needs someone like you in office. You have been a great mentor to me, and a wonderful friend. You have my full support because I know no matter what it is you will give it 100% and look great while doing it. I’m so proud of this and I can’t wait to see you in office.

  31. Michael, for as long as I can remember, has been the closest thing I have had to a father. I have known him since I was a child, and he has been there for me through thick and thin. When I’ve been in the right, he supported me and backed me up, and when I have been wrong he was there to set me straight. And he never blew smoke up my ass either. He’d be like “Damn, Rob, you messed up.” But no matter what happened, he was always there to make it better.

    And thinking that Mikey is going to be running for office, and able to help everyone in the city in the same way just brings a smile to my face. It simply needs to happen.

    And I will be there every step of the way to support him as he has been for me.

  32. Aaron Goldberg

    Go get’ em Michael! This is long over due!!!

  33. mitchell swann

    I’ve known Michael for about 10 years now and he has always been a straight shooter and a man of integrity and vision…even when standing up for something of value can get you knocked down. As Controller, I would expect Mike to bring both that integrity and that vision to bear for the benefit of the City; and as the City benefits, so does the region.

  34. Amy Bebawi

    Michael, you’d be great! Please do it!

  35. Eric J. Robertson

    Micheal is a gentle and sensitive genius who deserves our love, support, and respect. Go Michael!!

  36. I’ve know Michael since high school. Even back then we knew he was going places! He is a natural leader with genuine compassion and empathy for others. He is also a very smart and logical thinker. Michael would make an excellent controller. He definitely has my support!

  37. Carl Dash

    Yes, you should run. You are a person of integrity, and a person with a vision for how Philadelphia should work (for everyone). I am sure your friends (and I count myself among them) will be able to help you build a winning coalition.

  38. Everything I read, hear and see regarding Michael Williams tells me that he should continue his leadership and service through elected office. He is a fine example of citizenship, integrity and intelligence and an all-around great guy. We would be lucky to have him in office…preferable Congress.

  39. Bill Spearing

    Michael is a great guy. If he runs for office, he should and would win.

  40. Anthony Pompey Jr.

    Michael Williams has my full support in running for public office. In the 5+ years that I have known him, he has been nothing but a positive and motivating force in my life. Aside from being an intelligent and hardworking leader, Michael is a man of vision and principles who has accomplished so many things and will continue to do so.

  41. Gezim Asllani

    Michael is a great person. I truly believe he deserve to be a leader. This city really needs good people with big heart like Michael. My family and I will always support you. Go Michael, run for it!

  42. Debbie Maser

    You have my support Michael!!

  43. Sam

    Since meeting Michael I have constantly been impressed with his drive and fortitude. He demonstrates the best of who we are as Americans and I know that his political future will be bright! Team Williams!

  44. David Calabrese

    What’s most important to me is the character of Michael. He is one of the most positive, supportive people I have ever met that never stops giving of himself. Michael quickly turned from someone I just knew professionally to a someone that I feel blessed to call a good friend!

  45. Ralph Salgado

    Philadelphia needs someone of Michael’s integrity and good sense in such an important position. Michael’s loves this City and isn’t some career politician looking to score cheap political points, he’ll do what is necessary to elevate the Controller’s office and have it serve the people of this City the way it was intended.

  46. Joe Hashmall

    Michael is a great friend and a great mentor to me. I have no doubt he will will serve well, because I’m not sure I know anyone with more integrity, drive and compassion. He also has a great love for the city of Philadelphia, and is exactly what city government needs!

  47. Mark Flood

    In the 15 years I have known Michael, he has consistently shown a genuine compassion for others that is hard to match. With open arms and a broad smile, he lifts everyone around him. I continue to be amazed at his selflessness and generosity — he will always make time for those who need his support. Michael’s intelligence, experience, work-ethic, and passion for improving people’s lives would make him a true asset to the City of Philadelphia.

    Mikey, give me one more reason to be proud of Philly!!

  48. Eugene Covington

    Michael has my support because of his tireless work in the community. His involvement in so many community initiatives is an inspiration. He has served as a mentor countless youth across the country. Michael is role model and a visionary that is dedicated to the betterment of the community.

  49. What an amazing man… Yes he is my uncle, but this man here is the reason why I am successful today! Compton is in the HOUSE. I love you SIR!

  50. Michelle Kidd, PMP

    I am writing to offer my wholehearted support for Michael Williams.
    I have known Michael all my life, first as his sister, and more importantly as an extremely passionate, intelligent, caring and hard-working individual. As a man, Michael holds strong family values, and has demonstrated proven leadership when it comes to policy reviews, accounting, budgeting and representing others. As Controller, Michael will represent the City of Philadelphia with honor, integrity and great character to ensure the City is moving forward and on budget!
    Michael has the common-sense approach, drive, focus and passion needed to make a difference in the City of Philadelphia. I cannot stress enough my confidence in my brother, my mentor, my best friend and my hero, Michael Williams.

  51. Cleo Kidd

    I support my brother-in-law, Michael Williams, for City Controller because of his incredible work ethic, passion and amazing concern for others. Michael will be a huge asset to the City of Philadelphia and I am extremely proud of him. I love and respect Michael deeply and have no doubts that he will go down as one of THE best Controllers ever!

  52. Stephanie Johnson

    I’ve known Michael Williams for many years and consider him as family. I definitely believe that he will make an incredible Controller for the City of Philadelphia. Michael is a person of great integrity, character, and heart. I respect him greatly and wish him the best!

  53. Niya Perkins

    Uncle Michael, I think you will make a great politician and I love you!

  54. Jacob Kidd

    I support my Uncle Michael in whatever he chooses to do. I am extremely proud of him and know that he will make an excellent Controller for the City of Philadelphia. My uncle is an inspiration to all and the City of Philadelphia will be lucky to have such an incredible individual managing their budget.
    Uncle Mike, I wish you the best!!

  55. Toni Williams

    My brother mike is a great brother !wonderful leader. He is such an insperaton to me, I am very proud of his accomplishments. He sets his goals then makes it happen! To know him is to love him. Our family is very proud of him and greatful he is our brother .

  56. Earnest Williams

    Micheal Williams would be a fantastic controller for the City of Philidelpha. He’s a great role model, humanitarian, attorney, and advocate for all people. I am proud of all the work he has done to help voters exercise their right to vote, and would be a valuable asset in making our goverment work for the people.

  57. Elijah Williams

    Michael Williams is one of the most intelligent and hard working man I have ever met in my life. He is a man of great character and diligent in any project or task he takes on. I support him 100% in this race and can guarantee he will do a better job than any possible candidate. I love my uncle and know he will win !

  58. Chris Edwards

    Michael, follow your heart and you will not go wrong. Life is so short. You are Young, Black & Gifted! We are so proud to call you “cuz”- God Has Your Back and so do we.

  59. I am confident that Michael will bring to the City Controller’s Office the same passion, dedication and tireless effort he gave to President Obama’s reelection campaign. And he’s a good man. And a great friend.

  60. Cassandra Porter

    Michael’s dedication to public service was evident recently when he worked long hours and to great extent to ensure voter registration was implemented in local communities. His ability to lead is apparent. Love him dearly.

  61. Michael has shown tireless devotion to making the world a better place, which he does with passion, kindness, and, when necessary, ferocity. He not only has the drive, but also the skills to effectuate positive and meaningful change. He always remains grounded even in the toughest of times. I have known Michael for almost 20 years both professionally and personally, and my admiration for him is equal in both realms.

  62. Donovan Williams

    I am Confident that Michael P. Williams will win this election. He shows hard work , dedication & Great integrity . As one of the most intelligent people I have met, you will love his thoughts on a better Philadelphia as much as I feel he will . Go Uncle Michael !

  63. Kim Miner

    We have know Michael for over 25 years, and have walked with him through the toughest of times. His courage, resilience, and compassion are a unique combination that make him an outstanding leader. We need more of him in our political arena. AND, we’re so proud of him!
    The Parton-Miners

  64. Mariglen Rrapaj

    Michael is an energetic passionate man, who is never hesitant to help other people. In my opinion he represents the true spirit of a talented, honest, inteligent man, who has continuosly used this tools for the benefitt of the community. If our city had more people like Michael, who are truly devoted regarding the wellbeing of our citizens then our city would be a better place to live. I am a great supporter of him and wish him the best of health and great success in his endevoirs. Good bless you Michael

  65. Bill Ireland

    Good luck Michael! When you win I know you will continue to make Philadelphia a better place!

  66. Alfio Sorbello

    I have known Michael for quite some time . He is the most Honest compassionate Man I have ever met! Once he starts somthing he allways finishes it! I know he will go all the way to the finish line if he is elected ! I am confident that Michael will bring to the City Controller’s Office the same passion, dedication and tireless effort he gave to President Obama’s reelection campaign. I support you 100% Michael !PLEASE let me now if I can help in anyway you have my #

  67. Marena Ariffin

    Michael has my 100% support! He’s a man of hard work, ethic, passion and vision. A wonderful person to know and to work with. If there’s anyone who’ll be the perfect fit for the job, it’s definitely Michael. What he sets out to do, he’ll get. He inspires me everyday!

  68. Bob G.

    A long-time friend who has matured into this fine, intelligent individual whose compassion to make the world a better place to live makes him a qualified person to bring about change in the right direction.

  69. Alfred Mays

    To say that you have my endorsement is an understatement. Every so often we meet a person who is ,”AS ADVERTISED” . Michael P. Williams is just that. He’s a tireless worker for all and a truly genuine person. From the first day we met he has always been in my corner. A compassionate man from very humble beginnings. The epitome of what a true “Philadelphian” is. All of those people who have had the chance to be in his direct presence realize what the rest of Philadelphia residents are about to experience. A City Controller with a never ending vision and the fortitude to make great things happen. In a much simpler vernacular he is ,”THAT DUDE!!”

  70. Albi Dhimitri

    Here is a personal anecdote that I hope will give you insight into Michael Williams, the man.

    As an undergraduate at UPENN interested in a law degree, I emailed Mr. Williams hoping that he would spare a few minutes of his time to talk to me and share with me his advice and experiences in the law.

    When I walked into his office, I found him buried in paper. He was working furiously to resolve the legal cases brought to him by the many troubled Philly families.

    It was nearly 8 o’clock at night, but Mr. Williams wasn’t done yet… typing away on the noisy keyboard of his antiquated desktop computer as he shuffled paper around looking for the right documents. As I waited quietly, I witnessed in amazement the efficiency with which he handled the phone calls and the emails that were coming in by the minute even at this hour! Finally, I asked how he coped with it all. Mr. Williams simply said, “Well, you do the best you can.” And at that moment I was thoroughly convinced that his best consistently surpassed other people’s expectations, as they had done with mine.

    When Mr. Williams was finally finished, he looked up and I began to speak. But he cut me off mid-sentence and said, “You hungry? I’m hungry, let’s go eat! We’ll talk over dinner… don’t worry, my treat.” I was truly taken aback by his generosity. Not only had he taken the time to meet with me and give me advice on law school, despite his incredibly busy schedule, but he was also offering to buy me dinner! Not too many people I know around here do that for you, not too many people at all. When I brought this up, Mr. Williams humbly said that as once a homeless man, he too had been surprised by the generosity of the people who had helped him survive. This was just his way of giving back. Besides, he said, “I know many people who are my mentors and who have done a lot more than me.” When I prodded him as to who they were, he showed me the references on his resume. Well, let me just say that I was extremely impressed; Mr. Williams knows a lot of very important people in very high up places.

    Over dinner, Mr. Williams, who immediately insisted that I call him Michael, told me stories of the many Albanian families he had helped. This was a particular pleasure to hear, since I am Albanian myself. He showed me his resume and offered to be my mentor, in the same way that he has mentored so many other people in the past, many of whom have written their own testimonials here attesting to his character.

    In all honesty, I’m not entirely sure what a City Controller is or does. But I do know that Michael Williams will succeed at it simply because of the type of man he is — an honest man, a generous man, a man of great compassion, integrity, diligence, and intelligence. This man has overcome so much hardship in his life and truly deserves to be where he is today. Putting him in public office is one of the smartest things we could do as citizens, because the City could really use a man like him.

    Thank you Michael for being such a great friend. I hope the City can reward you for all the help you’ve given to its families by putting you in an office where you can continue all of your good work. I really hope that you win this!

    My very best,
    Albi Dhimitri

  71. rita albert

    Where can i send a check?

    • Ben Schindler

      Hi Rita – Thank you!

      You should make out the check to “Friends of Michael Williams” and you can send it to:
      Friends of Michael Williams
      911 S. 6th Street
      Philadelphia, PA 19147

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